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King RoulettesKing Roulettes

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The company is in the production of hi-tech products at the areas of machine engineering, electronics and software.

At the moment, our basic preoccupation is the production program "King-Roulettes", which offers to the producers of automated roulettes all hi-tech components (wheels for automated roulettes, electronics and software for automated roulette) as well as recently introduced completed automated roulette units and manual roulette wheels.

Additionally, we work continuously on long-term projects in developing software for organisation and monitoring of overall business "VPM" aimed for the companies similar to our own.

Within that project, we are especially focused onto improvement of our own production organisation and monitoring of overall business, which should serve as a reference for the future users of this product.
Company performs it's activities at three locations:

Croatia, Zagreb - Center
A team of specialists in the areas of machine engineering, electronics and software, which works continuously on the overall davelopment and the sales.

Croatia, Zagreb - Markusevac
A smaller production plant engaged in manufacturing machine parts for the production program requirements. It was this very location where the company was originally established in the year 1981. and the most precious value of this plant nowadays consists in the team of experienced masters, with rarely found counterparts in other companies.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Laktaši
As the main production part, this plant was organizied for the industrial production of items in our production programme.
This plant is equipeed with modern CNC machine, and the organization of production, followed-up by our own software, is at the respectable level, owing to the fact that this is also one amongst our activities.

The main advantage of this plant, which gives our products an inapproachable competitiveness at the world market is tax-free business activity together with the low costs of quality labour resources in the region.

What do we offer at the market

Presently, our capacities are satisfactorily filled up with our own production programme "King-Roulettes" with the continuity which gives us an essential assurance.

Thanks to the high techological level in areas of machine engineering, electronics and software we are able to take over the most demanding projects, and with the possibility of adopting new high-tech products, from a development to the established production and we stay open for any cooperation in this area.

Our goal is long-term and continuous colaboration, where we can offer to a partner exclusively our own product with our full guarantees.

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