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King RoulettesKing Roulettes

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About the department

This department is continuously engaged in development of the software for our own needs, together with offering it's capacities at the market.

We are qualified for the development of:
  • applications in business activities monitoring
  • apllications assigned for industrial electronics control
Current projects

"King Roulettes"
We work continuously on the development of the following applications for automated roulette, which are used for the needs of our production program "King-Roulettes".

The function of these applications is to control operation of electromechanic devices of automated roulette as well as communication with the players.

All functions of the devices work without any need for the presence of an operator fully automatic.

"VPM" - Virtual Production Management
We work continuously on the development of production organisation and business activities monitoring system, named "VPM".

The concept of "VPM" application was based on our own long-term experience in production organisation

The program is aimed for the companies similar to our own, and it's purpose is:
  • minimizing administration in production organisation and monitoring
    • automation
      • acceptance of jobs
      • forwarding work orders to the production department
      • distribution of particular jobs in production, based on the priorities
      • supplies procedures
      • storage search
      • costs control
      • real business activities statistics
    • minimizing elapsed time in accounting items processing
      • minimizing elapsed time in accounting items processing
  • minimizing elapsed time in accounting items processing
    • monitoring production in real time
    • monitoring supplies in real time
    • accounting informations
    • statistical informations
  • enables connecting of more locations into an integral system
We expect from this application, which was specifically adapted for user's requirements, to fulfil a large gap at the market.

We plan to realese this application for sale only after complete testing in our own company, which should eliminate any suspicions of the first buyers, for we shall be able to present solutions not only in theory but in the practice as well.

Business activities is, in fact, much more than an application. Indeed, it encircles entire organisational solution.

We expect a lot of companies, which care for business organisation and monitoring, to reveal a great interest for this product.

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